About Us

On the request of the growing numbers of people who smoke hookah around the world, we, Paco Cachimba, to fulfill the satisfaction and user experience focused on creating more professional than puro (cigar) tobacco with high aroma and comfortability.
Black Cuban puro tobacco was discovered by Christopher Columbus around 500 years ago, and we decided to use puro tobacco in our hookah.
For a more sufficient user experience, we developed out of the highest quality leaves,

Seco and Volado, making our craft tobacco one of the most pleasant hookah tobaccos ever made.

Seco; Seco leaves come from the midsection of the tobacco plant and are the thinnest amongst all types of tobacco leaves. Regardless of its slender appearance, seco has a huge impact on the development of the aromas of the cigar. But there is more to seco than just its aromas. Seco leaves are responsible for producing a Habano's light flavored profile and, thus, the quantity of seco used when hand-rolling a cigar defines the degree of the mildness of this particular puro.

Volado; Volado is the leaf found at the bottom of the tobacco plant. Volado comes second in boldness and, hence, these leaves have very little to offer in terms of flavors and aromas. Nonetheless, volado’s contribution to a cigar differs massively from what the other two types of leaves bring to the table. Volado leaves are primarily used for their potent burning properties. That been said, we shouldn’t look down on volado leaves and neglect their importance. Their contribution to the creation of a great Habano is very significant as all cigars must include the volado leaf to secure an even burn ratio.
Our developed craft tobacco, by using Seco and Volado was firstly produced in Turkey. This tobacco is ideal for people who enjoy smoking heavier, with a higher nicotine level tobacco.
By trying out our Turkey exclusive tobacco products you can increase your hookah tobacco pleasure on the top level. Made by the high-quality puro tobacco, in numerous factories with special techniques, to increase the satisfaction of our consumers, it's a chance to get outside of the comfort zone of flavors.
We present you with the most optimal and extraordinary flavorful hookah tobaccos made and tested by our team of specialists and experts.